A Classic in the Making

Hello Friends:

As you are aware by now, my friends and cohorts – Stephen Camisa and Jon Mowry – and I are collaborating to build a modern, energy efficient and sustainable, mid-size distillery. We will produce Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Straight Rye Whiskey the “old-fashioned way” relative to the requisites, guidelines and standards for Straight Whiskey production that have been in place for close to two centuries.

We will produce Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskeys using both rye and wheat as small flavoring grains, and a straight Rye whiskey will also be included in our portfolio of distilled spirits. A pot still may ultimately be added to expand our beverage alcohol production to other types of beverage alcohols.

Another goal is to remain free of corporate structuring, so we can, and will, listen to our friends and consumers regarding Bourbon and Rye Whiskey mashbills, whiskey ages, bottle strengths, single barrel and small batch renderings.... This will also mean there will not be a corporate structure in place to require addition of flavors to Bourbons, or finishing of Bourbon in used barrels, of another type alcohol, to alter and change the flavor and character of our whiskeys.

Thank you for your interest in the J. W. Rutledge Distillery LLC, and for visiting our website. I look forward to visiting with you again soon and keeping you apprised of our project.​